The board of trustees for ISKCON South London are the legally responsible governors of the charity. They provide guidance to the management team to achieve the various aims of the charity. The legal duties include the following:

  1. Acting in the charity's best interest.

  2. Managing the charity's resources responsibly.

  3. Acting with reasonable care and skill.

The composition of the temple council is chosen by the trustees of ISKCON South London. The primary duty of the council is to perform the day-to-day management of the charity and it's activities.

The board of trustees set targets for the council to achieve, and in turn the council must ensure that these targets are actioned properly and then update the trustees with progress reports.

The council works in conjunction with teams of volunteers that are grouped in various temple departments. These departments work on achieving the various targets set by the trustees, and communicated by the council, whilst the council itself oversees and helps to facilitate the activities.

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