Celebrate the most auspicious month of the year:
Kartik (Month of Damodara)

Oct 28 to Nov 27 2023

Mon-Fri 7pm

Sat and Sun 5pm

At the Temple

Plus, home Satsang’s daily from 7pm

Invoke auspiciousness and obtain millions of merits for performing Puja of Lord Damodara (Krishna) in your house or temple, during the most auspicious month of the year.

Amongst all twelve months, Kartik month is most dear to Lord Krishna. If somebody performs a little worship of Lord Sri Hari in this month by whatever means, He offers that devotee His own abode. 

Come and experience Vrindavan, Govardhan, Mathura or Barsana at the temple every day during the month and is an opportunity NOT to be missed.

Programmes include:

Please feel free to contact info@iskconsouthlondon.co.uk if you would like to host or sponsor a programme at the temple.